The Tale of Wood Look Tiles – Mixing Class With Beauty for Your Bathroom


Wood look tiles, porcelain tiles timber look tiles……the list goes on, and all are the big names that do all the good to your home in an astounding way!

All of these tiles are unique in their own way, and they all are some fantastic flooring products that will add to the look and feel of your home in an unblemished manner.

Of them, the wood look tiles enjoy a unique stature in the psyche of the customers as they very ably replicate the very look and feel of wooden flooring options with a string of some extra benefits.

A lot has already been penned down about the advantages that these tiles bring for the customers. However, to be frank, the USP of these tiles go well beyond some copybook benefits that the end users enjoy.

The essence of naturalism that they bring!

Honestly, this is something that one can run miles for! In spite of the mind-blowing urbanisation that society has gone through in every country, including Australia, people still have not lost its connection with nature.

This is evident from the propensity of people for rushing back to Mother Nature nature given the slightest scopes.

Now, this is where these wood look tiles in Perth score. They add a tinge that is very much natural but sans the burden of care that natural timbers demand. These tiles, when coupled with suitable ambience and supporting parameters go a long way in adding that an X-factor to the bathrooms. 

The popularity factor

These wood look tiles have been in the market for many years, but thanks to the new technology that are used to manufacture these tiles at present, they have a longer life, and they come up with more aesthetic values.

More so, when it comes to installing these wood look tiles in the bathroom of any household, the finesse and sophistication they add are incomparable.

These tiles, supported by fitting accessories and other features take the look of a bathroom to an altogether new level.

Again, the natural tinge adds to the beauty of the bathroom by a great extent.

If these are the aesthetic edge of these tiles, there are some rather mundane benefits as well!

  • They come up with a wide range of styles and colours
  • They would improve upon the technical characteristics of the real wood
  • They are resistant to scratches or indentations, nor will they shrink, split or warp.
  • They are not affected by any solar radiation or UV rays.

So all these benefits, and many more, coupled with the beauty and the natural tinge, add something unique to the bathrooms that makes all the difference. And that beauty spills over to the rest of the household – aesthetically, lifting its value to an altogether new level.

So the next time you are planning to renovate your home, looking for these tiles will be the MOTHER OF ALL OPTIONS!!



Porcelain Tiles – Are They Worthy For Your Bathroom?

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are there to be used almost everywhere. And why not? They come up with a series of advantages. They are hard, aesthetically beautiful, classy in appeal and most importantly, they are durable.  

Here is a brief account of the advantages, which these ecstatic tiles come up with.


They are durable, to say the least. Besides, they are extremely hard- wearing, and are, therefore, excellent to be used in bathrooms. The most interesting story about these tiles is that they are stain-resistant and seldom suffer any mark or scratch.

Thus, it is an automatic choice for bathroom flooring. Another factor that helps it to be suitable for bathroom flooring is that it is waterproof. So that is a HUGE advantage!

The maintenance cost is low

When it comes to maintenance, these tiles demand least. Well, this is a significant reason why these porcelain tiles manufactured in Perth are so popular.

The only thing that these tiles need is occasional vacuuming and thorough sweeping – and that counts. Just a quick mopping spell once or twice in a week – and they are as sparkling as the new ones.

They are hygienic

Porcelain comes up with a solid surface, and they are non-porous. Naturally, they do not trap all those unwanted allergens.

Hence, they are an extremely hygienic flooring solution for the bathroom. These tiles do not allow the growth of mould and mildew and do not harbour any accumulation of bacteria.

Hence, if you are looking for a deeper clean, you can just use a steam mop for making the most of this flooring solution.  

They are the best way to express your style statement

Well, this is finally the catchline of these tiles, to be frank. These tiles in Perth like in any other place give you the liberty of expressing yourself in the most prolific way.

They are an excellent way of expressing your style statement, as well as your choice. They are the best choice if you are willing to create patterns on the flooring of your bathroom.

Then they come up with the provision of adding a muted look. Then again, if it is all about giving a more muted look to the floor, these are the best tiles for you.

In short, they are the best products for you to express yourself in the way you want to, and underline your style statement. However, it is your call to opt for a company that offers you a variety of these tiles, which are optimal in terms of quality and aesthetic appeal.

Amazing Trends of Bathroom Tiles in 2019 – What’s in Store?


Well, there is entirely no doubt about the fact that bathroom tiles are always the centre of attention. Therefore, the time comes for renovating the bathroom in the most effective way; the maximum focus remains on beautifying the bathroom with tiles.

And, if you have already remodelled your entire property following the contemporary trends, how can the bathroom remain left out! So, before you call up the renovators and start discussing about the renovation process along with making budget plans, here is a list for you sharing the details of bathroom tiles that are on trend this year.

Going Minimal yet Creative

Going for minimal bathroom design always remains at the first priority in recent times. So, when you are making plans for bathroom renovations in South of River Perth and that too with an added contemporary touch, you cannot refuse to go minimal. There are bathroom tiles that will make the minimal bathroom design idea to work effectively. Minimal being the new creative idea, it is sure to catch a lot of eyeballs.

Go for Patterns and Solid Colours

Don’t think that the patterned tiles are an old school idea. Because, if your renovators are well aware of the recent bathroom design trends, they would obviously know that it is the time when you can actually combine the patterned tiles and solid coloured tiles for your bathroom. It’s quite an innovative idea to go with. You don’t have to follow any specific pattern to lay the tiles, but the bathroom designers can actually go by their choices.

Narrow Subway Tiles to Deck up Commercial Spaces

You can choose to go with narrow subway tiles for decking up the bathroom of commercial space. It looks great on the bathroom walls giving it a sharp, defined and edgy look. That is definitely the look for the season if you really want to give a modern shade to your commercial space, the subway tiles will be the most classic yet contemporary choice.

Fishscale, Honeycomb or Vertical Tiles

These are some of the trends of bathroom tiles in Perth you can follow. Honeycomb tiles look quite elegant and sophisticated while the fish scale tiles will give a dramatic touch to your bathroom. Vertical tiles can leave the bathroom with an unexpected modern aesthetic touch. Vertical tiles will visually expand the room. Going for a grey colour will also be a good idea.

So, here are some of the ideas and trends of bathroom tiles to be followed in 2019. Talk to your renovators for making the best tile trend win.

Are Subway Tiles Still Going to Remain Trendy in 2019? Find Out

Untitled design.jpg

If you take a look at the tiling trends for the bathroom of 2018, it will be quite clear that subway tiles are the winners of this year. But, the big question here is, whether these tiles will also be an excellent pick for the people who are thinking of bathroom renovation in the coming year, that is in 2019 or not.

Popular bathroom designers around Australia have agreed to the question. Let’s find out what they have said.

“With the variety of subway tiles available in the market at this point, it is quite clear that a lot of people will love to redecorate their bathroom with these specific tiles. And, we as designers, also recommend it because we don’t really get so many chances of experimentation with the design that we usually get with the subway tiles.” suggested by Tim, a Perth based bathroom designer in the business for the last 10 years.

John, another Perth based designer shares similar thoughts – “Subway tiles are the classic choice! You may have come across some comments that these tiles are old school. But, it has been reinvented using new shades, textures and designs that eventually gave these tiles an elegance never to fade away. So, if you are planning for subway tiles for designing your bathroom this year, I would say, that’s awesome!”

Right they are in every word. Now, let’s give you some valid reasons for which you should bow your heads to the best subway tiles in Perth. Read on to find out the details more vividly.

  • Available in Both Gloss and Matte Finish

That’s the best part indeed, and you will not get the same benefit in many tile options. If you want a minimal appearance, going for matte finished subway tiles is the best option. On the contrary, the gloss finished tiles are the best option if you want to give a luxurious touch to your bathroom floors.

  • Available in Solid Dark and Light Shades 

Solid dark colours like blue, blood red and pitch black are the best options for subway tiles. Create a feature wall using the dark shaded subway tiles, and it will give a dramatic look. Or, mix and match the solid dark ones with lighter shades to create a unique design.

  • Ease of Installation

There is a lot of opportunities for the expert tilers to experiment with the placement of the tiles for successful bathroom renovations in South of River Perth. Criss-cross, vertical and assorted placement are the best options. For the textured and mirror-finished subway tiles, vertical placement will be enough.

And, not to forget that subway tiles are the most economical choice. So, your bathroom renovation will be finished up within budget. So, cheers to subway tiles for the coming year and the time beyond that.

Subway Tiles- Why You Would Love to see it in Your Bathroom?


Always Trendy… Always Captivating… Subway tiles have been a staple for a bathroom (and kitchen decorations) for decades. 

  • In contrast to its variants namely marble and ceramic tiles, subway tiles are way more cost-convenient, and they never go out of fashion.
  • They are easy to clean, maintain
  • It has an endless list of colour and textures for you to choose from
  • You have the freedom to set them in whichever way you please to achieve awesome looking versatile patterns
  • More significantly, subway tiles consist of classic, timeless appearance. And that’s what makes them appear so aestheticallypleasing.

This post will cover more on why you would love to see their subway tile in their bathroom.

  • Brilliant and Versatile Hues:

Subway tiles have an unassuming appearance, and that allows it to blend in naturally to any kind of wall décor. These tiles are a great option for non-traditional applications.

Though installing a fresh hood of attractive tiles can be a bold move, particularly if the rest of the bathroom décor doesn’t compliment them. But, options such as Herringbone subway will blend right with the present walls and floor.

  • Play with Patterns and Express Oneself:

You can choose different patterned subway tiles in Perth pair them up and create a playful-warm-cozy appeal in the bathroom space. Even with simple designs like white or grey; you can have fun with their imagination and make all guests or relatives go WOW.

  • The Perfect Backdrop for Showcasing All Decorative Elements:

Regardless of whatever style of subway tiles you choose, it will always present an ideal backdrop of all the already existing decorative elements. Those elements include mirrors, windows, basin, bathtub (if present) and the shower.

You can extend their use of subway tiles by installing some subway tiles vertically as well as non-traditionally. Doing so will create a pattern which heightens the tile’s appearance and creates a focal point of the bathroom.

Key Facts to Know About Subway Tiles:

  • About ItsMaterials:Subway tiles come in all shapes and patterns such as travertine, marble, glass and many more options.

So the trick is not to limit yourself when it comes to knowing what has already been used. Go for something unique.

  • The Colour and Its Texture:Picking out a subway tile (be it with solid tones or mixed hues) is one great way to blend- simple with the classic look.

Be it the relaxing sea glass colour or a classic tile; you should always take some time to pick out the perfect shade for the décor purpose.

  • The Proper Tile Detailing:Ideally, subway tiles are flat appearing tiles having slight round edges.

By blending timeless and a classic approach; you can boost up the bathroom aesthetics with the use of bevel, reverse bevel as well as tiles having glazed finishes.

Capping Off:

Another important thing which you should keep in mind is that when choosing subway tiles for bathroom renovations in South of River Perth. Research properly; check their market reputation and also the client feedback to know how good are their tile quality.

It will allow one to make the most of their invested money and renovate their bathroom in the best possible manner.


Opt For Wood Look Tiles Only When You Know Some Buying Tips

Nature waits for your presence! Well, this time, it is going to happen over the tiles.

Wait, wood and tiles? That is kind of confusing, right?

As a matter of fact, it is! Well, time to drive the dilemma away. Wood look tiles do not deal with real wood, but the artificial one.

The real story behind wood look tiles: These are just not WOODEN!

Well, wood look tiles are not different from other tiles at the constructional point. These are usual tiles made with either porcelain or ceramic. However, the wooden factor is delivered in an artificial form. The said effect is added over the tiles with the assistance of inkjet printing systems. The imaging replicate the real wooden pictures in high-resolution, and the printing technology aims to produce it over the tiles with the most natural appearance.

But, before you seek to buy porcelain or ceramic tiles, you should know few tricks and tips for a successful purchase. For instance, when you are about to add a modern aesthetic feature into the bathroom by installing freestanding baths, you should check whether it is going with the type of tile you have chosen or not. In such a way, you can relate a lot of information, which you should know to meet your needs accurately.

Here are some of the essential facts to make your purchase full of worth.

1. What Material Do I Need?

Question yourself. As stated above, wood look tiles are offered in two options: porcelain and ceramic. Both of these materials are durable and long-lasting. However, with ceramic tiles, you get guaranteed water resistance. It offers you the ease at wiping it and cleaning it comprehensively. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are frost resistant, often categorised as ‘frost-proof’ tiles. Moreover, they are a bit more durable than ceramic tiles.

2. Do I Require Complex Or Simple Patterns?

You can use both of them. Think of a very complex pattern of the wooden looks being repeated in each tile. Although it is complex, it will be easier for spectators to capture the trick! Moreover, it would look a bit boring too!

Go for the plain ones! In spite of them being produced similarly to each tile, it would look comparatively better and less replicated than complex designs. For a more intensified view, you can combine these two looks by having a very healthy discussion with professional installers.

3. You Have To Buy Rectified Tiles For Perfect Precision

High resolution is not just welcome in the video you play in your laptop but is also present in wood look tiles. You just have to select the rectified tiles. These tiles mean that they’re edges are finely shaped with the help of the machinery. Such a matter allows a better symmetry than usual and finer (and thinner) grout lines as well.

4. Choose Longer Planks

Planks mean the design you get as images produced in these tiles. In older times, these tiles were made with shorter and thinner planks due to the absence of proper technology. However, with modern tech-support, wood look tiles in Perth guarantee to provide a specifically attractive look by longer planks. This trait gives them an increased elegance too.

Let’s Wrap Up

When you’re buying wood look styles, be sure to have a view at the variety of images and patterns. Moreover, speak to professionals about the kind of tiles that go well with the area you’ll use them.

Then, these wooden looks will be entertaining you anytime you see them.

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3 Instances That Instigate The Replacement Of Your Bathtubs

Cheap tiles Perth

Baths are something that every house out there owns. Whether it is to serve a relaxed bathing experience or to keep the bathroom clean from water spills and sprinkles, it is something that is known to be a significant part of a lot of bathrooms. Baths come in various shapes and sizes while also differing in material such as acrylic, ceramic, stone, etc.

Even though some look at it from a luxurious perspective, it is still a necessity and is used every single day. Now with regular use, everything tends to lose out on its longevity, and the same goes for your baths as well. Any distortions or problems faced by the freestanding bath wouldn’t surface one fine day, and with each passing day, things take a sudden turn. The baths too give out those signs that need your attention. Here are a few times when you would want to become aware of getting the bath replaced.

The level of functionality that the bath shows
No bath is there to serve an ornamental purpose and unless it provides you with a perfect bathing experience, there is no use for it. Whenever you step into the tub, do you notice water puddles or does the water drain off when you clog the drain on purpose? Well, these are signs of a leak in the bath which may not be visible to you. Such leaks may not look prominent but what goes unnoticed is the accumulation of moisture underneath and how this can lead to mould growth or probably dampening of the floor under it. This is when the bath needs to be replaced at the soonest.  

Does it clean correctly?
When it comes to cleaning bathtubs, keeping aside a day of the week especially when there are a lot of people using it is something that is essential. Soap sprinkles, water spots, etc. are known to create a stain on the surface, and when not cleaned regularly, it tends to look dirty. Even when you clean the bath regularly using the best of cleaning agents, and you see the water stains are still there no matter how much you scrub, it needs replacement as it wouldn’t get back to its original form. When a bath starts losing out on its longevity, it tends to retain stains, and that is a sign that it may not be able to serve you for long.

Does everyone at home find it relaxing?
Now you may have kids at home, or probably the elderly living along with you and all of them have no other option other than using it for bathing and cleansing themselves. You are to take heed of the fact whether every one of them is comfortable using it. Climbing in and out or probably the sitting space which may be too small or enclosed. If there is someone who is uncomfortable, try changing it with something that fits all needs especially when everyone has the right to enjoy a relaxing bath.

All You Want To Know About Porcelain Tiles in Perth

Are you looking to build a new home? Or have you grown tired of the same old marble flooring? Well, it’s time to switch to porcelain tiles in Perth. Not only do these tiles brighten up your place but also are extremely durable and practically maintenance free. Also, you can select from a wide variety of porcelain tile for your home. But the demand for porcelain wasn’t always the same.

A few years back, porcelain was almost synonymous with decorative pieces like chinaware, vases figurines and so on. People also had the misconception that porcelain was fragile. But times have changed now. The use of this material has extensively grown over the years to the point that they are an integral part of the dental professional these days for dental prosthetics. Because porcelain is highly resistant to heat, abrasion and is non-porous, porcelain is heavily used as an industrial material for insulation. Precisely for this reason, porcelain is an excellent choice for commercial and residential tiles.

While choosing your tiles, make sure not to confuse with terms like “ceramic tiles” and “non-porcelain”. Although porcelain is a kind of ceramic ware, “ceramic tiles” are usually referred to as “non-porcelain”. Compared to “ceramic tiles” which have high water absorption and are softer, these are non-porous and hard. Unlike ceramic tiles which are prone to scratches and chipping, porcelain tiles in Perth are extremely durable because of their capability to resist abrasions.

Predominantly, porcelain tiles are of three kinds – glazed, natural and polished. When it comes to natural porcelain, they don’t undergo further finishes once it is exposed to high temperatures. This kind can also be termed as through body or unglazed tile where the colour seeps all the way through the tile.

Glazed tile, on the other hand, is coated with liquid glass that gives the manufacturer the freedom to play with colours and put in a variety of designs. Not only do they come out glossy but they are also one of the easiest to clean which is why they are hugely recommended as accents in kitchens and bathrooms or as walls.

Lastly, the polished porcelain is subjected to a more refined process. Although it has the glossy effect, it doesn’t have the glaze which is why it looks more like a granite finish.

While choosing the perfect tiles in Perth, you will have to take into consideration the contrast and colour combination of the areas where you are going to place them along with the kind of exposure they will be subjected to.

5 Tips to Select the Best Bathroom Tiles in Perth

There’s no denying the fact that homeowners place a lot of emphasis on decorating their bathrooms with tiles. In almost all modern homes, you will find a bathroom that has tiles in it. Attractive it might be but choosing the right tiles in Perth is not a cakewalk by any means. Most people are utterly confused as to which tile to choose.

Precisely for this reason, these tips can be valuable to you in acquiring sets of tiles which are perfect for your bathroom:-

Pick your “must have” tiles at  first

More often than not when we initiate a bathroom renovation, we all have that one tile which we dream of having in our bathroom. It can be a unique accent tile or a really special one or simply a white subway tile. Either way, acquire that dream tile and consider it as a starting point for choosing other tiles for your bathroom design.

Don’t go for more than three different tiles

If your “must have” tiles are of a unique pattern, use more subtle colours for your accent walls. On the other hand, if they are subtle like white subway tiles, try to add an element of interest in it by using a colourful accent tile.

Typically, the rule is to choose a wall tile, floor tile and accent tile but don’t be afraid of breaking the norms if you want to add a bit of your creativity in the designs.

Stick to only one stopper

There are so many beautiful tiles available in the market for you to choose from and flaunt it in your bathroom. This way you can not only show your personality but also experiment with fun colours. But of you are going to go for it, limit yourself to just one showstopper tile. You will want them to be the centre of attention in your bathroom which is why having too many show stoppers will only divert the attention to other elements and can also be very disorienting for most people. Also, what size of the showstopper tile you want is entirely dependent on you.

Take maintenance into account

Most homeowners don’t like to clean their bathroom tiles very often. If you are one of them, you should probably go for ceramic or porcelain tiles in Perth  because they are virtually maintenance free. For tiles which are made of natural stone not only needs to be sealed but require heavy maintenance. Also, they are far less porous which means that they tend to hold on grime and dirt more. Lastly, if you are going for glass tiles which can be stunning, don’t use it on the floor as they can very slippery.

Consider scale

Large scale bathroom tiles in Perth are definitely in trend these days. If you are going to go that direction, you can also use the same tile cut in different areas. At the ends of the day, it depends on you whether you want to go for large scale or small scale tiles.